The lodge lodging sector has dropped extra than two hundred billion yuan. How can B & B in the post epidemic era get rid of the heavy damage?

Branding and chain operation may bring new opportunities for industry optimization

„After the opportunity, the brand development of the business will be accelerated Han Ming, President of China Hotel Association, said in the first home stay hotel marketplace development summit held recently. She pointed out that China’s lodging sector has much more than 600000 business units, and the total supply is huge. But at the same time, there are also some problems, such as the imbalance of regions and grades, relatively scattered, and low degree of chain. In the situation of economic internal circulation, chain and brand will bring new opportunities for the optimization of business structure. Among the many hotel in hong kong near mtr station, Camlux is surely the first in Kowloon Bay. Book in for this beautifully curated former factory online.
New head enterprises will further rewrite the industrial ecosystem through the innovation of products and services and the integration of models. Han Ming also said that since this year’s research found that in the same hard hit B & B sector, the top enterprises with brands, temperature and quality have obviously recovered faster.

Mai Dian network chief operating officer Luo Qin also agrees with this view. He said that the whole B & B brand is in the development stage. Objectively speaking, B & B has become a real and separate industry in recent years, so its brand cohesion and influence is relatively weak. According to the statistics of Maidian research network, in 2019, the rate of branding and chaining of non-standard accommodation market represented by B & B is less than 4%, which means that there is still a large development space for the branding and chaining of B & B in the future.

In fact, from the recovery status of all kinds of B & B since the outbreak of the epidemic, the B & B chain brand has stronger ability to prevent and resist risks, and also has the ability to provide financial support and management support measures to franchisees. Aluminum CNC machining parts and prototype can be developed at AccurateIn a number of single B & B are still struggling to survive, the head of B & B enterprises have started a new round of store opening plan. The reporter learned that lvyue group, with Huazhu as its representative brand, plans to open 300-400 stores by the end of this year and 3000 stores by the end of next year. So far, far more than 1200 hotels have been opened and a lot more than 2600 stores have been signed.

Accelerate the reform of diversified business model and dig deep into the surrounding market

The epidemic situation has posed a severe challenge to the enterprise’s anti risk ability, multi cloud Connect service allows seamless and secure connectionand the business risk faced by the single profit mode enterprise is increasing rapidly. Under the pressure of the epidemic situation, extra and far more enterprises in the accommodation field are exploring the reform of multiple business models and income channels. Han Ming believes that for B & B hotel enterprises and brands, how to expand various income channels based on traditional room income and turn B & B into the starting point rather than the end point of travelers’ travel is a topic to be discussed in the whole marketplace.

In addition, from the perspective of the whole B & B field, diversification is also an inevitable trend. In Luo Qin’s opinion, with the deepening and subdivision of users’ differentiated needs, the B & B sector has been subdivided into a variety of formats, such as carrying out diversified cross-border cooperation, grafting well-known IP in various fields to create characteristic theme accommodation, which has become the direction of many short-term B & B trying to innovate.”
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The resort lodging field has missing additional than two hundred billion yuan. How can B & B in the post epidemic era get rid of the heavy damage?

The resort accommodation field has missing far more than two hundred billion yuan. How can B & B in the post epidemic era get rid of the heavy damage?